“Aaagh!” I yelp, leaping bolt upright and landing three feet from my bed. I would be impressed if I weren’t so freaked. I never was much good at gymnastics. I am Catt Russell and, usually, the things that happen to me are pretty weird. But those I’ve mostly gotten used to, because they normally happen when I’m awake. For this I have my father to blame. Bad genes. Crazy chromosomes. Bizarre psychic abilities. Whatever. But how do George Washington and a couple of Roman Centurions fit into the plot?


In this seventh in the Catt Russell Mysteries series, Catt confronts an apparent apparition that appears to have just stepped out of a film noir production, presenting a mystery that defies logic – but then what doesn’t in Catt’s life?


Available from Inkworks Press for $24.99 (plus S&H). Contact Carol at carol@carolwakefield.com for details. Coming soon as an Ebook from Smashwords.

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