One day trouble followed me home, and I decided to keep it, so now it follows me everywhere.


At the very least, you’d think having a few psychic abilities would give me an edge, even if they are kind of wonky at the best of times. All I need is for one more thing to go wrong –




Was that thunder? I listen, trying to figure out where it came from but the fog has suddenly gotten really thick. This is why I don’t see the guy tumble out of it until he falls at my feet.


I’m Catt Russell and I’m about to be up to my elbows in snoopiness, my favorite activity.


Catt is egged on in this sixth edition of Catt Russell Mysteries, by the sudden appearance – and disappearance – of a body in a foggy supermarket parking lot and her discovery of a flash drive that sets her and her friends on a brand new adventure.


Available from Inkworks Press, 905-884-9060 for $24.99 (plus S&H).

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