I turn to face a woman I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen in my life, despite what her voice seems to imply.

“I’m sorry!” she says. “I thought you were Helen. You look just like her.”

Then I see the shopping bag in her hand. It contains a pair of boots. Not just any boots. These are my boots.

“Those are mine!” I gasp. The woman shies back.

“No!” she says, jerking the bag back as I try to jerk it in the opposite direction. Her eyes open wide and an unreadable expression crosses her face. Then she leans slightly towards me, releasing her grip, and whispers, “Yes, okay. Please, take them!”

She melts into the crowd and disappears. I am left, literally, holding the bag. I don’t know what possessed me.

I’ve just mugged a complete stranger.


When Catt comes into possession of a pair of boots under suspicious circumstances, she and her friend Jilly find themselves caught up in the world of industrial espionage and international intrigue. As the bodies pile up, Catt realizes they have one thing in common – they all look a little like her!


Catt Russell, an ordinary suburban mom with unordinary, uncontrollable and unreliable psychic powers, makes her third appearance in author Carol Wakefield’s Catt Russell Mysteries, from Inkworks Press.


Available from Inkworks Press, 905-884-9060 for $24.99 (plus S&H).

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