"We hab your sud," says a menacing voice on the other end of the phone. Huh? My mind tries to assemble itself to make sense of what the caller has said.

The digital readout on the bedside clock says it’s 4:33, which means I’ve only been asleep for three hours.

“Your sud!” the voice repeats with more than a little irritation.

Then I get it. Son. “My son?” I squawk.

“Yed!” the voice agrees. “Your sud, Deddid.”

My heart is doing laps around the room and my breath has absconded with my rational mind. This guy has Dennis?

My son?

There must be some mistake.

My son’s name is Josh!


Catt Russell, an ordinary suburban mom with unordinary, uncontrollable and unreliable psychic powers, has to deal with inept kidnappers who have taken the wrong child and her strange and estranged mother who has decided to move in with the Russell family.


Available from Inkworks Press, 905-884-9060 for $24.99 (plus S&H).