What people are saying about “Catt Russell Mysteries”


“I laughed out loud and had to ‘shhh’ myself, being in a library.”


“Carol Wakefield is a genius!”


“I couldn’t put “We Hab Your Sud” down. I haven’t laughed so hard in years.”


“I had just finished reading Michael J. Fox’s new book, as well as Mary Higgins Clark. I really needed a break!”


“An easy read…interesting and hilarious.”


“A nice light read – the kind of book I want to read at the cottage.”


“I got into it right away. Very easy to read.”


“The humour was great! Exactly my kind – light, sarcastic, with touches of irony.”


“I liked the fact that it was different from all the typical mysteries. It left me always guessing what can happen next.”


“I have to say resoundingly that I enjoyed this book (Art for Art’s Sake) very much. - I couldn't put it down and read it in one sitting.”


“Great fun!”


A Bump in the Night:

“It was nice to be back in familiar territory, with Catt at home and Jilly and Jack around. Once again, a zany ride with characters and calamities so vivid I could see them on a screen.”





J. Koch, Frontenac News


Carol Wakefield’s new book “Art for Art’s Sake” is the 4th in her series about Catt Russell, an ordinary mom and wife whose life has been thrown out of whack - after being whacked in the head one day - by the discovery that she can read minds. This turns out to be more of a curse than a blessing because her psychic abilities are unreliable, uncontrollable and unpredictable. She has also been raised by die-hard hippie parents who didn’t let parenthood get in the way of their complete antipathy to “normal” – evidenced by the fact that they named their children Catamaran, Cosmic and Farout. The kids totally reject their upbringing and re-name themselves Catt, Mickey and Art.


Through the first books we also find out that besides their names, the three siblings’ other inheritance from their parents are these uncontrollable psychic powers, which are constantly throwing Catt into sinister situations, but because she can’t control them, she can’t rely on them to extract herself.


Carol Wakefield’s books are packed with fast and furious action, humour, and dubious characters and this book even more so than the first three. From the opening sentence the readers are taken on a wild ride through a maze of changing scenarios as Catt and Mickey embark on a quest to find their brother. One scenario has them hanging on for dear life at the back of some burley bikers’ motorcycles, and as a reader, I felt as if I were also hanging on for dear life through all the twists and turns of the plot - eventually I just settled down and enjoyed the ride.


Wakefield has an amazing talent for bringing action and characters to life by mere verbal descriptions. They’re so vivid that at the end of her books I always feel as if I’ve “read” a movie. She leads the readers to strongly visualize her words and I wouldn’t be surprised if the books end up as movie scripts.


I couldn’t put this one down – read it through twice and resoundingly enjoyed it both times. The first time I read it in one sitting at breakneck speed to keep up with the action; then I had to read it again to see what I’d missed.


Oh, and besides the action, Wakefield solves a few mysteries on the way – wouldn’t everyone like to know where DB Cooper ended up? If you’re looking for a book with good, clean action and fun, peopled by zany characters and animals, including a dolphin who thinks Catt’s his girlfriend, this is the book for you.



Author Carol Wakefield’s “Catt Russell” character brings a new dimension to the cozy mystery craze with “Art for Art’s Sake”!

Extracted, with the cooperation of the author, from the original review on “Bookstove”



While researching the web for another article, I came upon a humorous video that told me Catt Russell Mysteries were books for women that “even real guys” will like, so I dutifully went to the promoted site, my curiosity in tow.


I had been recently given an iPad, and I saw that one of the series, titled “Art for Art’s Sake” had been published in e-book format, so eager to try out the device, I downloaded it. What the heck, it was only $2.99, and after all, I like to think of myself as a “Real Guy”, too! Just to prove it, I also downloaded the complete adventures of Sherlock Holmes. It was free.


In a nutshell, the reader is taken on an absurdly funny romp across the country, with a crop duster, a gang of bikers and a bus full of bible belt campers helping Catt Russell, her sister, Micky (and her yappy pouch pooch, “Ditzboy) to reach the Pacific Northwest, after they were stranded by a flight disconnect in the middle of some mid-west nowhere. The object of their search is their missing brother, Art, who has surfaced on a remote, fog-shrouded island, with a curious collection of characters claiming to be artists, but since none seems particularly talented, there is more going on than the immediate picture reveals. Catt, Micky and Art’s pregnant girlfriend, Emily, are immersed in something more than a “whodunit?” It’s a “what’s really going on?” tale with a twist, featuring an amorous dolphin with some secrets, perhaps a salting of spies and lies, and a hint of what happened to D.B. Cooper.


I like to discover new literary talent and I think I have hit a goldmine, here. It’s definitely different. Discover for yourself at www.carolwakefield.com.




Art for Art's Sake

Rating: 5.0 stars

Reviewed by Author Anna del C. Dye, for Readers Favorite


What a witty and fun story this is! I laughed so hard everyone asked me what I was on. With so many fun details and intricacies, this story should become a legend in the writing circles. What can I say about such a great piece of work as this is!

Catt and her sister Micky share a mind talking talent no one knows about. This happens, although they are as different as a top designer is from an everyday woman. You get them together and the laughs start sparkling on every page of the book.


When Micky shows up at her sister Catt’s house with all her designer luggage in tow and dressed in the newest fashion, Catt expects anything but a vacation. Her blond sister almost kidnaps her because she is determined that they need to get their family together: she is adamant that Catt needs to come with her to see their brother. Not being able to change her sister’s mind, Catt finds herself on the most uncertain trip she has ever taken.


This is the beginning of a trip that will keep you giggling, smiling and laughing through the entire trip and the many adventures they have. The adventures vary from an airplane crash to a dangerous motorcycle gang; from a pregnant girlfriend to being stranded in the middle of the ocean. The FBI, CSIS, and detectives are mingled in this book with the three siblings in the middle of it all.


This is really a great read for a blah day. It will certainly get you out of the glum. It is easy to read. It will be loved by late teens and adults alike.